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Tour #25 Jack the Ripper Walk Tour.
This is the only Jack the Ripper Walk tour to show you Victorian Photographs of the streets and murder sites as they were in 1888 and of the poor unfortunate victims.
Unlike other London walks on which you will be herded round in a group of 50 or more people, all struggling to hear and see one guide, we ask you to book for our tour in order that we can limit the number of participants. It's fairer on you, fairer on the guide, and makes for a far more enjoyable and relaxed Jack the Ripper experience all round.
Throughout the dark autumn nights of 1888 the streets of London’s East End were terrorised by a murderous fiend whom history would come to remember as Jack the Ripper. A name that can still send cold shivers down the spine.
His murderous reign lasted from 31st August to 9th November, a period of around 12 weeks. Yet the ramifications of those twelve bloody weeks still echo down the centuries and have helped make Jack the Ripper the world’s most famous serial killer.

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